Who else is using your wifi?


Today, most wifi gateways come with a pretty good setup wizard. It guides you through your setup of your home network, ensuring it is reasonably secure. That is, assuming you followed it and used a good strong wifi password…

So, who else may be using your wifi?

Well, if you did set it up securely, hopefully not anyone outside of your household. How could they?

Remember those friends of your kids that come over to play? The same ones that bring their devices with them for those “gamefests” and then nag you to either give them the wifi password, or beg you to connect them. Yes, them.

What do they do, what do they watch, who do they interact with or what is downloaded – all under your roof? (Oh yes, you are responsible for whatever that is)

We often forget that once those devices have joined our network, they can again, and again… and again. Each time they visit, they join your network, because their device remembers the password. They may be inside your house or they could actually be just within range, standing on the pavement (or back at their home, next door).

Yes, this means they could be sitting there, using your network right now.   😉



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