Have you ever wondered about what your kids get up to, who they may communicate with or what they may be exposed to unexpectedly, when they’re on that device?

Have you found yourself out of your depth trying to understand these new technologies and whether they can be tamed (at least enough to know you have mostly reduced the risk)?

Like us, you’re probably also a parent. You probably also are beginning to get just a little concerned at the sheer number of online devices your children are now using. It’s gone way beyond just the PC/laptop, to nowadays include devices like tablets, phones, game consoles and even their friends devices.

As parents, we often are locked in a battle to stay one step ahead of our kids and their ability to use and manipulate technology. Always trying to make sure they are not put at risk, accidentally or with intent.

I have often had parents tell me they have no idea how the technologies work, let alone any ability to try manage or monitor them. Some have no idea what they kids are doing and some, have had the misfortune of stumbling upon some of what their kids are accidentally coming across. It’s inevitable today; our kids today will stumble across all kinds of things:

  • Nudity and pornography – just do a google image search and see what they may find.
  • Adult themes – sites that carry content of an adult nature.
  • Grooming – watch them chat to online “friends” they have never met in games. Stuff they think is cute conversation, may well be an adult grooming them.
  • Hate and discrimination – sites promoting intolerance against race, religion, nationality and sexual persuasion.
  • Gambling – sites offering gambling and gambling related information.
  • Dating – online dating and sites that promote meeting people.
  • Pirating and illegal activities – sites that promote pirating of music, movies or encourage the use and acquiring of drugs and illegal substance.
  • Tasteless – sites that share tasteless content like mutilation, torture, horror or grotesque.
  • Aware – sites that encourage or infect your machines with adware, tracking software with malicious intent.

Well, this site is dedicated to those who care. Those that want to share information and advice. It’s for those that care enough to exchange ideas and advice on what’s worked for them.

We can make technology work better for us, if we know how. We can also prepare for those times when our kids do come across things and teach them resilience, context and how we deal with it.

If you have an interest in being part of our contributing team or just have some great ideas that you know have worked for you, please comment or contact me and become part of our community that cares.





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