Chrome browser can be a valuable parental control

ChromeI used to be, and probably still am, skeptical and distrusting of Google’s Chrome browser and it’s ability to store your bookmarks, browsing history and passwords in the cloud. Having it stored there, just in case you opened a Chrome browser on another machine and wanted all your junk there automatically, seemed a little excessive. Well, I’m a convert after finding it fits a great little niche in my family safe internet regime.

When last did you actually look at your kids browsing history? I bet you haven’t, at least until some status-quo busting moment occurs and prompts/forces you to check.

Well, I did and was shocked to see where they had landed up by just following links around, but more to see what they were actually Googling themselves. That gets even more revealing when they have friends over and the power of peer pressure starts being applied and boundaries start being pushed.

Well, this is what Google Chrome has given me to add to my peace of mind.

  • A locked down browser that allows me to keep Safe Search on for YouTube, Google Search and other Google apps.
  • The ability to log on  as them, on my own browser and see their browsing history.
  • Have any useful plugins you may have added and configured, automatically get installed onto any Chrome browser they log into (give eSafely a try).