Do you worry about the kids?


Today, our kids are able to be online on dozens of different types of gadgets. Sometimes at the same time.

Each of those carries the risk of exposing them to adult content, strangers, illegal activities or tasteless gore. Much of this is happened upon unintentionally, while they are searching for something or just clicked an enticing link.

Even more scary is that it appears that when it does happen, they are very likely to not tell their parent… partly through embarrassment and partly for fear of being reprimanded (for doing the wrong thing).

A recent study showed that 72% of parents surveyed were concerned about their children interacting with strangers… without them every knowing. Despite this anxiety, only around 39% of parents understood the technologies enough to attempt to help secure them through use of privacy controls.

Yes, it is scary, but doesn’t have to be if you take practical steps toward teaching your kids and seeking to secure your environment appropriately.

As a parent, do you find yourself wondering about what the kids are up to, or exposed to, when they are their Internet connected gadgets?

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