What are your kids watching on YouTube?

Chances are, at some time you may have stumbled upon or been shocked by what you have found your kids watching on YouTube. Not yet? Well brace yourself, it will happen.

It starts innocently enough. They probably got there after watching a tame video and then followed some of the recommendations offered when it finished, and “whamo!”, they’re watching a softporn outtake… 

Did you know that you can set up parental controls that will provide a level of safe searching for your kids?

Well, you can.

If you have a Google account to use for your kids, you can enable Safe Search. This will mean that on that browser (or even on the mobile YouTube app), when logged in as that Google YouTube user, all unsafe items will not show up, or be recommended, to your child. This includes those often vile comments that seem to also gather around these videos nowadays…


Remember, that you need to make sure you have a Google (YouTube) account so that it knows who is viewing and you need to switch on Safe Search on any browser where your child will be using. Don’t forget mobile browsers, mobile YouTube apps or even other machines in your house that they may occasionally use.

This will provide some comfort that your child will not easily stumble upon anything inappropriate. These protections will never completely protect your child, but cover much of the content there.

As a parent, take the time to teach your kids how to react to things they feel are inappropriate, help them understand what is inappropriate and how to recognize it – keep an eye on them, that’s your job.

So, do you actually know what your kids are watching on YouTube?


Do let us know if you’ve found a better way of managing the endless YouTube watching, we want to hear ideas and experiences.